Screenshots: Restaurant Marketing Examples During COVID-19 Crisis

publication date: Mar 19, 2020
author/source: Jaime Oikle


I wanted to share some screen shots from my Facebook feed & email inbox.

These are examples of what restaurants are doing out there in the COVID-19 crisis.

Make sure you're using your various database lists (email, text, social) to get the word out.

Don't be shy...ask for help...ask for support.

And don't be shy if you see an idea or a phrase you can use...borrow and steal away...

P.S. We'll look to update this page with more posts as we see them...

Asking for Help & Support...


Joey D's

Promotiong Take Out...

Root Branch

House Blend

Blue Moon


Crooked Spoon

Table 6

Wolf Lamb

Clermont Brewing

Promoting Gift Cards or Bonuses...

Clermont Brewing

Crooked Spoon

Big Red F


Saying Thank You / Giving Updates / Being Awesome