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Running & Rockstars Special Package

Best offer ever! Jaime & Roger go all out with this limited availability special offer...

$999.00 Available

Restaurant Training Package (50 Templates)

Special Price for Full Package! Includes 10 Training Manuals, 20 Job Descriptions & 20 Restaurant Checklists.

$145.00 Available

20 Restaurant Checklists

A comprehensive collection of 20 checklists available for immediate download in Microsoft Word format so you can customize and print as many copies as required.

$45.00 Available

20 Restaurant Job Descriptions

Make job expectations and performance criteria clear with this easy to edit and customize collection of 20 Restaurant Job Descriptions.

$45.00 Available

10 Training Manuals

A comprehensive collection of 10 manuals available for immediate download in Microsoft Word or RTF format so you can customize and print as many copies as required.

$125.00 Available

Food and Beverage Inventory and Product Cost Spreadsheets

Calculating your cost of goods sold can be a daunting project. These spreadsheets help you stay organized and on top of your product costs.

$50.00 Available

Ideal Food, Alcohol and Tobacco Cost Tracking Spreadsheets

This incredible tool helps you track your sales by item and your ideal costs for food, liquor, beer and tobacco!

$50.00 Available

Employment Contract for Chefs and Cooks

Who owns your recipes if your chef quits? The Employment Contract template for chefs and cooks helps protect your business.

$25.00 Available

Recipe Costing Spreadsheets

This spreadsheet helps you not only track costs, but also document the procedures to help staff cook the item, which assists in training and creates accountability.

$10.00 Available

Customer Count Record Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet will help you track customer counts for an entire year. Use it to make customer traffic comparisons by the shift, profit center, day of the week, or sales period.

$12.00 Available

Employee Record & Attendance Spreadsheet

Good record keeping is the cornerstone to a well run restaurants. Use this Excel spreadsheet to keep vital information about your employees.

$10.00 Available

How to Structure a Restaurant Bonus Program - Digital Version

Just fill in the blanks of the Bonus Structure Worksheet and you're practically done. Makes creating your own Bonus Program a breeze!

$87.00 Available

Ron Yudd's 50 Points of Profit - 2 CD Album

The Fifty Steps to Build Lasting Profitability in Your Business. Immediately enhance your bottom line with this best selling audio album.

$49.95 Available

Restaurant PR Workbook

This interactive workbook, written exclusively for restaurants, contains step-by-step instructions on how to manage a public relations and marketing program. In addition, the workbook contains real-life press releases, fact sheets and biographies from an acclaimed New York City restaurant that achieved success doing PR.

$99.00 Available

Start-Up PR Package for New Restaurants

The restaurant marketing strategies contained within the Start-Up PR Package cover all of the essential elements of launching any new operation.

$49.00 Available

Write Your Press Release

The press release is the single most used document in public relations work. How you write the press release, how you deliver it to media, and how you deal with the media afterward, can make your business busier, better and more successful.

$29.00 Available

Social Media Guide for Restaurants

Restaurants need to be familiar with these online communities and tools, and they must be able to use them to the business's best advantage.

$29.00 Available

Win Win Restaurant Marketing System

Get More Customers, Spending More, and Coming Back. Effective, affordable and easy to implement restaurant marketing - already done for you!

$197.00 Available

Restaurant Marketing Toolkit of Ad Templates

CD-rom collection of over 99 ads, sales letters and marketing pieces. The files are ready for you to customize as you wish; substitute your logo, test different offers or change color schemes.

$99.00 Available

America's Top Restaurant Marketing Secrets Revealed

On this two disc audio cd set Michael Attias reveals how he took his restaurant from zero to $3 million a year.

$99.00 Available

Restaurant Owner's Encyclopedia of Million Dollar Success Strategies

A virtual goldmine of restaurant marketing ideas at your fingertips that have accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales building ideas you won't find anywhere on the planet.

$199.00 Available

Catering Profits DVD for Restaurants

Extra catering sales can easily double your bottom line profits. This video, taped at a live seminar, will help you whether you're fine dining, mom & pop or anywhere in between.

$99.00 Available

The Restaurant Operators Complete Guide to QuickBooks, 2nd Edition (E-book)

Written exclusively for restaurant operators, in a jargon free and easy to understand style. Includes a customized "ready to use" QuickBooks company file to get you up and running immediately!

$79.00 Available