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Ebooks & Reports

  • Menu Power WordsMenu Power Words -- Your menu is one of your most powerful selling tools. It should be more than just a list of items, ingredients and prices with bland descriptions. It should tell your story with flair and tap into your customers emotions. A study showed that a restaurant can increase sales by up to 30% just by using enticing menu descriptions on their menu. Spice up your menu with this list of descriptive words and phrases. (PDF)

  • Up-Selling ReportUp-Selling Report -- 17 Sure-fire selling sentences for higher ticket averages. Statistics show that at the very moment of purchase 30%-60% of all people can be easily up-sold. They've already picked you. Their money is on the table. They're in "buying" mode. They are HOT! There is NO faster, easier way to generate instant cash – than with upselling. (PDF)

  • The 5-Hour Restaurant Work WeekThe Five Hour Restaurant Work Week - Chapters 9 & 10 - This is a great book! In this download author and longtime independent restaurant owner, Edmund Woo, shares two of the best chapters - Chapter 9 on Training and Chapter 10 on Marketing. It's an absolute must read for all operators. (PDF)

  • 101 Leasing Tips101 Leasing Tips for Restaurant Tenants -- Packed with tips for your next negotiation. "Guaranteed To Help Tenants Negotiate With Any Landlord... And Save Thousands Of Dollars On A Commercial Lease Or Renewal." (PDF)

  • Marketing CampaignsReal Restaurant Marketing Campaigns and Their Results -- Seeing the marketing strategies other restaurants have used and what results those campaigns delivered, is invaluable. That's what this report offers -- a chance to discover how restaurants like yours are generating more leads and increasing sales with postcard marketing. (PDF)

  • Loyalty ReportLoyalty Report -- Tips on increasing your share of business in your market. Discover how to affordably, automatically and predictably increase sales using technology. Attract customers and keep them forever by giving them continual and repeated reasons to return and spend money with you – over and over and over. (PDF)

  • New Movers ReportHow to Automatically Turn New Movers into New Money for Your Restaurant -- In this 23-page e-book, restaurant marketing expert Michael Attias shares the secrets that will have you walking away with a master marketer’s mindset -- the skill you must have to thrive in your restaurant business. (PDF)

  • 10 Easy Marketing Tips10 Easy Marketing Tips -- There are ways to get the word out about your restaurant without busting your budget or taking away from the time you need to run your restaurant. These 10 easy marketing tips will help you crank up your revenue without undercutting what you’ve worked so hard to build. (PDF)

  • The Five Most Dangerous Restaurant Marketing MistakesThe Five Most Dangerous Restaurant Marketing Mistakes -- This report is meant to help you recognize five dangerous marketing mistakes and provide you with some alternatives. (PDF)

  • 25 Common Restaurant Business Mistakes25 Common Restaurant Business Mistakes -- Every restaurant owner makes mistakes! This report highlights some of the common mistakes to try to help you evade the same decisions. (PDF)

  • The Profit Power of One More VisitThe Profit Power of One More Visit -- Chasing after people with expensive mass-media using crazy profit murdering discounts and coupons is the hardest, most expensive and least productive way to drive sales. This report shows how just one extra visit from your customers has huge impact on the bottom line. (PDF)

  • The Restaurant Marketing Report The Restaurant Marketing Report -- In this special 22 page report Nathan discusses the challenges inherent in advertising and marketing for smaller restaurants. He then shares insights from his research and delves into the "Restaurant Marketing Funnel" as an important tool for achieving marketing success through customer attraction and relationship development. (PDF)

  • Dining Service QuizDining Service Quiz -- 10 Tips To Help You Quickly Improve Dining Room Service & Increase Restaurant Profits. (PDF)

  • 25 Restaurant Business Rules25 Restaurant Business Rules -- These 25 rules are the secret principles that successful businessmen and women employ as the underlying foundations for running their businesses. Use them yourself as guiding principles for your restaurant business. (PDF)

  • Using Local SocialUsing Local Social -- Tips, techniques and a case study on how best to launch your brand in a new market. Includes a template for posting local content on social media. (PDF)

  • Using Online Restaurant CouponsUsing Online Restaurant Coupons -- This special 23 page report discusses how restaurants can use online coupons to generate new customer leads, more return visits and bigger profits. (PDF)

  • Grease Trap ReportThe Essential Guide to Restaurant Grease Traps -- What They Are, Why They Clog, and How to Prevent Backups and Emergencies from Costing Thousands of Dollars This Year. (PDF)

  • Credit Card Processing WhitepaperCredit Card Processing Whitepaper -- Tips on justifying merchant service fees. (PDF)



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Rehearsal Guides

  • Rehearsal Guide: Role Play -- One of the best methods for helping staff gain confidence and increase performance is through role playing. This sample guide offers a number of role playing scenarios including: anticipating needs, suggestions & recommendations, and suggesting wine. (PDF)


  • Rehearsal Guide: Communicating Effectively -- Contains a selection of exercises and training games to reinforce training topics. (PDF)


  • Rehearsal Guide: Body Language -- Contains a selection of exercises with tips on effectively using and reading body language. (PDF)




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