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Manager1500+ how-to and feature articles with countless tips to make a difference for your restaurant today. Coverage includes...

  • Marketing & PR - get more customers
  • Operations - win the prime cost battle
  • Customer Service - deliver great service
  • People & Staffing - motivate & lead your staff
  • Internet & Tech - win with the web, social & mobile
  • Startup - advice & tips for getting started
  • Finance, Bar Management, Safety, Menu & more...

2)Webinars, Seminars & Podcasts...
staff Learn from industry insiders! 100+ hours of expert sessions jam packed with ideas & advice, including...

  • 25+ Ways to Run a More Profitable Restaurant
  • How to Open & Operate a Restaurant
  • How to Get Employees to Do What You Want
  • Getting More Customers with the Social Platforms
  • Secrets Inside Your Restaurant Biz
  • Restaurant Leasing Tips to Make or Break Your Business
  • Must Do's for Controlling Labor Costs
  • Publicity Tips for Restaurant Owners & more...

3)Download Library...
CustomersSave tons of time with a variety of downloads including Forms, Checklists, Spreadsheets, PDF Reports and more...

  • 20+ Forms & Spreadsheets
  • Up-Sell: 17 Tips for Higher Ticket Averages
  • Menu Power Words
  • Turn New Movers into New Money for Your Restaurant
  • Rehearsal Guides: Role Play, Body Language and more...
  • 25 Common Restaurant Business Mistakes
  • 51 PR Story Ideas & Concepts for Your Restaurant
  • Appraisal Forms for Your Staff & more...

4)"The Rockstar Collection"
Team 12 kick-ass sessions to boost your business, such as...

  • 3 Fundamentals to Master for True Restaurant Success
  • 17 Pet Peeves About Your Restaurant
  • 8 Things to Say to Your Restaurant Staff Today
  • 3 Game-Changing Areas to Impact your Bottom Line
  • How to Make Your Restaurant More Kid Friendly
  • How To Absolutely Dominate The Competition

5)"Rock Your Restaurant"
Rock Your Restaurant Game changing guide to restaurant finances that will maximize your profits...

  • Easy-to-implement financial systems
  • Identify the critical numbers driving your bottom line
  • Get the book in digital format
  • Plus 13 spreadsheets with audio tutorials
  • Plus 8 session video series that digs deep behind the numbers

Plus new content added all the time...


Get More Customers into Your Restaurant More Often...

Customers You need a strategy to consistently bring in new traffic. Plus a plan for retaining your customers.

You also need the ability to reach your existing customers when and where you want.

A complete strategy for your restaurant's marketing is critical. You'll find out...

  • The Top 5 Restaurant Marketing Mistakes
  • 13 Key Elements of a Marketing Piece Makeover
  • The Profit Power Of One More Visit
  • 5 Marketing Quick Tips For Restaurants
  • How to Build a Customer List for Your Restaurant
  • 6 Tips to Build Sales
  • 4 Keys to Beating the Competition
  • 5 Tips On How To Grow A Restaurant VIP Club
  • The Steps in Developing an Effective Marketing Plan
  • And a whole lot more...

Win the Prime Cost Battle and Watch Your Profits Grow!


Owner Successful restaurants live and breathe "systems" that help ensure profitability. From checklists to recipe cards they get prime cost down to where it needs to be to succeed.

Likewise, you need a laser focus on your food, bev, labor and op costs. You can't be losing money on every dollar coming in the door!

Rock solid operations can't be overshadowed. You will learn...

  • 12 Keys to Running a Profitable Restaurant
  • 20 Steps to Lowering Your Food or Liquor Costs
  • Key Numbers To Watch In Your Restaurant Business
  • Menu Pricing from the Ground Up
  • How to Create a Restaurant Concept That Can Succeed
  • 7 Deadly Sins of a Bartender
  • 8 Hidden Dangers in Restaurant Lease Agreements
  • The Best Legal Structure For Your Restaurant
  • 9 Steps To Restaurant Financing
  • 10 Purchasing Tips to Improve Your Bottom Line

WARNING: Poor Service Will Kill Your Restaurant's Future


It's the number one complaint! Poor service is word of mouth on steroids!

WaitstaffIn today's world every customer has a HUGE voice online. You can't afford to have bad service at your restaurant that gets broadcast via Yelp, Facebook & foodie blogs.

The cost in potential lost business is just too large.

RR's Service Tips include...

  • 5 Must-Do Customer Service Strategies
  • Top 12 Service Expectations
  • 10 Ideas for Customer Loyalty
  • How to Deal with an Unhappy Customer
  • 6 Tips for Remarkable Service
  • The Best Customer Service Quote Ever
  • Breaking Bad Reviews: 4-Step "Reputation Marketing" Solution
  • 20 Tips on Amazing Customer Experience
  • 5 Ways to Effectively Coach the Pre-Shift Meeting
  • And more...

What Does it Take to Get & Keep Great Staff?


Your people absolutely make a difference! Service and caring are critical and it's your staff that ultimately delivers on that promise.

TeamMotivating and leading a group of diverse restaurant workers is a big challenge. You need to know...

  • The 5 Critical Errors Your Staff Are Making
  • What Should You Pay a Restaurant Manager?
  • Nine Details To Look For When Recruiting Restaurant Managers
  • Generation Y Pitfalls
  • Six Reasons Why People Are Amazing
  • How to Detect & Protect Against Workplace Bullying
  • The Importance of Managing Employee Records in a Restaurant
  • 28 Restaurant Management Interview Questions
  • 13 Steps to Writing a Fool-Proof Schedule
  • How To Get Employees Engaged In a Customer Service Program


Who is the site for? mission is to support independent restaurants! Your challenges are unique and we're right there with you. We've been delivering the insightful tips necessary for success to the independent community for 20+ years now. Frankly, it's never been as challenging as right now to run a successful restaurant and so we're going to keep fighting mercilessly to deliver the tactics you need to compete.


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The restaurant business is on the move... And that means mobile! was fully upgraded in 2017 to be mobile compatible so our users can effectively use the site on the go, in the dining room, in the kitchen -- on any device -- wherever work needs to get done!


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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - W.B. Yeats

It's true. I know I get energized by new books, articles, podcasts & videos when I can grab key tidbits to weave into my business. Conversely, You can't get complacent in the restaurant business--things are moving too fast...


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Just one idea put into action in the right place at the right time can add thousands in profits to your restaurant's bottom line. And there are thousands of ideas on the site!

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Restaurant Management Roundtable Crew

Bonus #2: Email Marketing Class ($99 value)

One extenisve core class and 4 mini-classes on email marketing tactics and tips. Also included are three terrific bonus mini classes on Marketing & Growth.

Bonus #3: 50 Points of Profit ($49 value)

Immediately enhance your bottom line. These key tips will help you learn cost control techniques, create real accountability and responsibility in your operation and genuinely impact your P+L across the board.

Bonus #4: 20 Restaurant Job Descriptions (PDF Version) ($29 value)

Make job expectations and performance criteria clear. Help your team perform to their maximum potential! The job description templates provide a detailed breakdown of the responsibilities of each position in your restaurant.

Bonus #5: 20 Operational Checklists (PDF Version) ($29 value)

These detailed restaurant checklists will help you determine exactly what every employee in your restaurant needs to do, minimizing the risk of forgetting to inform your staff of certain procedures or tasks that need to be completed.




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"Restaurant Management Roundtable" 7 sessions of industry insiders talking straight biz! ($199 value)
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"Email Marketing Class" 9 classes to grow your business! ($99 value)
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"50 Points of Profit" - Fifty steps to building profitability ($49 value)
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