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Manager 1)Article Library...
1500+ how-to and feature articles with countless tips to make a difference for your restaurant today. Coverage includes...

  • Marketing & PR - get more customers
  • Operations - win the prime cost battle
  • Customer Service - deliver great service
  • People & Staffing - motivate & lead your staff
  • Internet & Tech - crush it on the web, social & mobile
  • Startup - advice & tips for getting started
  • Finance, Bar Management, Safety, Menu & more...

Team 2)"One Question With" Series
Quick topic by topic lessons and insights for your business with a wide array of industry pros.

  • The Path to Better Restaurant Profits
  • Mistakes When Buying a Restaurant
  • Why Employee Recognition is so Important
  • Three Minutes on Menu Costing
  • Facebook Ads vs. Boost
  • Brand Strategy Advice for Restaurants

Tablet 3)Weekly Live Training & Q&A Calls
Get deep with industry insiders and ask the big questions...

  • NEW Feature Starting in 2019!
  • LIVE Sessions with Industry Pros!
  • RECORDED for on-demand access
  • Topics will cover high-level business operations, strategy & tactics

Meeting 4)"Monthly Masterclass"
In-depth classes offering the latest in industry knowledge, trends & insights to help you shatter the competition...

  • NEW Feature Starting in 2019!
  • Exclusive high-level content!
  • Delivered online to fit your schedule
  • Save hundreds in travel, event and consulting fees!

staff 5)Webinars, Seminars & Podcasts...
Learn from industry insiders! 100+ hours of expert sessions jam packed with ideas & advice, including...

  • 25+ Ways to Run a More Profitable Restaurant
  • How to Open & Operate a Restaurant
  • How to Get Employees to Do What You Want
  • Getting More Customers with the Social Platforms
  • Secrets Inside Your Restaurant Biz
  • Restaurant Leasing Tips to Make or Break Your Business
  • Must Do's for Controlling Labor Costs

Customers 6)Download Library...
Save tons of time with a variety of downloads including Forms, Checklists, Spreadsheets, PDF Reports and more...

  • 20+ Forms & Spreadsheets
  • Up-Sell: 17 Tips for Higher Ticket Averages
  • Menu Power Words
  • Turn New Movers into New Money for Your Restaurant
  • Rehearsal Guides: Role Play, Body Language and more...
  • 51 PR Story Ideas & Concepts for Your Restaurant
  • Appraisal Forms for Your Staff & more...

Customers 7)"Marketing Suite"
Full service marketing solution for your restaurant to get more customers into your restaurant more often....

  • Build your customer list
  • Increase repeat business with customer appreciation & rewards
  • Directly target your BEST new customers
  • WIFI service to collect customer emails, Facebook and mobile # data
  • Drive your sales with automated marketing
  • Email marketing with loyalty, birthday club and anniversary club features
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Mobile Coupons
  • and more...

Owner 8)Member Mastermind
Exclusive, limited group sessions discussing ways to DOMINATE the competition!

  • NEW Feature Starting in 2019!
  • Meet virtually with like-minded restaurateurs looking to grow their business
  • Sessions include training, open discussion, Q&A and more...
  • Sessions remain private to only attendees...

Team 9)Digital Platform Review
Shine on social, mobile & the web!

  • Comprehensive review of your website
  • Assessment of mobile and social presence
  • Customized recommendations for your restaurant
  • 1-on-1 advice & strategy call

Waitstaff 10)"Sales Stars" Staff Training Program
Strategy for how to sell & how to serve...

  • Turn-key training system to turn your entire staff into selling machines!
  • Properly trained staff members can literally DOUBLE your restaurant's sales.
  • Daily Pre-Shift Tips & Planner
  • Web based video training, printable workbooks, testing tool & more...

Plus new content added all the time...



Who is the site for? mission is to help independent restaurants succeed! We've been doing it for 20+ years now. Whether you have one location, five locations or growing to 10+, we've got the critical tips necessary for your success.

Honestly, I'd say our sweet spot is sit down, table-service restaurants in the casual, family and fine dining segments, though we have members from all segments and every region of the world.

Your challenges are unique and we're right there with you. You're wearing many hats and waging the war on many fronts -- and we're going to keep fighting mercilessly to deliver the tactics you need to compete.

What about the chains? The chains are going to continue to do their thing and frankly, I don't give a shit and neither should you. There's so much opportunity to deliver better food, superior service & an exceptional overall experience than those guys. There's so much opportunity to be a proud & potent force in your local community providing jobs and growth potential to your team -- and to truly be "local" in a way that the chains will never be able to replicate.

How's this for an indy mantra... "OUTWIT -- OUTMANEUVER -- OUTFOX & WIN"


Mobile Friendly!!!

The restaurant business is on the move... And that means mobile! has been fully upgraded to be mobile compatible so you can use the site on the go, in the dining room, in the kitchen -- on any device -- wherever work needs to get done!


Continuous Education...

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - W.B. Yeats

It's true. I know I get energized & motivated by new books, articles, podcasts & videos when I can grab key tidbits to weave into my business. I'm guessing it's the same for you. Restaurants are a high-speed business and you can't get complacent. We'll keep those tips & insights coming to keep your fire burning...


The Power of Just One...

Just one idea put into action in the right place at the right time can add thousands in profits to your restaurant's bottom line. And there are thousands of practical & powerful ideas on the site! Members


Members from all 50 states & CA Provinces and 45+ countries around the world!



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"It is the first place we go to when an obstacle presents itself..."

"I consider RR my restaurant professor. Frankly, I consider it to be invaluable, a necessity in today's quickly changing restaurant environment."

"Your articles provide great content for our managers and staff..."

"Thank God for your site and newsletter. I wish we would have found this site before we opened."

"It's about me, the small guy, not Big Chain problems..."

"As part of my daily efforts to stay ahead of the competition, I utilize RR for current information and ideas."

"Your site has moved ahead of the competition in terms of sites I trust..."

"I love the information. The site is very helpful and easy to understand."

"Without your info I'd be running in the dark..."

"I can't tell you how invaluable your website has been..."

"Concise, informative, relevant content that can be used every day to improve your operation."

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You get all the content,
plus five great bonuses...

Special Membership Bonuses...

These 5 bonuses are valued at over $500 alone... but you can get them all for FREE with your membership...

Bonus #1: "Restaurant Management Roundtable" ($199 value)

Join a crew of industry insiders on a series of seven "hold-nothing-back" calls featuring a wide range of topics across the restaurant business.

Restaurant Management Roundtable Crew

Bonus #2: "The Rockstar Collection" ($199 value)

12 kick-ass sessions to boost your business, such as: 3 Fundamentals to Master for True Restaurant Success, 17 Pet Peeves About Your Restaurant, 8 Things to Say to Your Restaurant Staff Today, How to Absolutely Dominate the Competition & more...

Bonus #3: "Email Marketing Class" ($99 value)

One extensive core class and 4 mini-classes on email marketing tactics and tips. Also included are three terrific bonus mini classes on Marketing & Growth.

Bonus #4: "50 Points of Profit" ($49 value)

Immediately enhance your bottom line. These key tips will help you learn cost control techniques, create real accountability and responsibility in your operation and genuinely impact your P+L across the board.

Bonus #5: "Rock Your Restaurant" ($49 value)

Game changing guide to restaurant finances that will maximize your profits. Get the book in digital format. Plus 13 spreadsheets with audio tutorials. Plus an 8 session video series that digs deep behind the numbers.

Rock Your Restaurant



Our 100% Confident 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Guarantee We're 100% confident in the site and that's why we offer you a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Go ahead and review the site in its entirety for 90 days. If you don't love having 24/7/365 access to the library of 1500+ marketing, service and operations articles -- plus all the webinar, download & premium content on the site -- you just let us know, and you'll get a full refund -- no questions asked.

All the risk is on us to deliver... But, we're willing to make this guarantee confidently because the proven information contained in the membership area is not only extremely valuable but when you put it into action it's difficult for you NOT to make money and boost profits with it!



Here is Everything You Get...
1500+ Article Library ($75+/mo. value)
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"One Question With" Series ($25+/mo. value)
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Weekly Live Training & Q&A Calls ($300+/mo. value)
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Monthly Masterclass ($200+/mo. value)
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100+ Hours of Webinars & Seminars ($100+/mo. value)
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Download Library - PDFs, Ebooks & Spreadsheets ($50+/mo. value)
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"Restaurant Management Roundtable" - 7 sessions of industry insiders talking straight biz! ($199 total value)
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"The Rockstar Collection" 12 kick-ass sessions to boost your business! ($199 total value)
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"Email Marketing Class" - 9 classes to grow your business! ($99 total value)
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"50 Points of Profit" - Fifty steps to building profitability! ($49 total value)
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"Rock Your Restaurant" - Book, 13 spreadsheets & 8 session video series to rock your finances! ($49 total value)
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"Marketing Suite" - Full service solution to deliver more customers to your restaurant! (see details) ($299/mo. value)
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Member Mastermind - Exclusive, limited group sessions discussing ways to DOMINATE the competition! ($199/mo. value)
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Digital Platform Review - Get your social, mobile & web strategy right! ($399 total value)
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"Sales Stars" Staff Training Program - Strategy for how to sell & how to serve... ($497 total value)
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