Looking to Run a Successful Restaurant? Take This Advice...

publication date: Sep 1, 2016

Running a restaurant is a challenging endeavour and one you had better be ready to spend most of your waking day in. It takes a lot of hard work to get it up and running and even more hard work once the doors are open. However, besides a fantastic chef, there are a few other things you really need if you are to make a success of it. If you are looking to run a successful restaurant, here's the best advice ever.

Quality Is the Key

Altogether too often a new restaurateur looks at some of the big chains and thinks that's the way it needs to be done. Undersell the competition so that you can bring in a lot of customers and you'll make up in volume what you lack in price per ticket. Actually, that may have been the case at one point in time but these days it's really hard to get bargains on meat and other commodities like they get because you won't be dealing in such high volumes. They can get their inventory a whole lot cheaper than you can so there really is no way you can compete with their prices unless you are prepared to lose money. So then, how can you compete? You can't! You need another perspective. Quality is the key!

Use Only the Finest Ingredients

There are actually two areas in which a great majority of restaurants are found lacking when it comes to quality. The first is the quality of ingredients used in the preparation of their dishes. Whilst a large number of people aren't looking to pay expensive prices for a meal, most people will gladly pay a pound or two more for a meal that is prepared with high quality meats, for example, that are tender and tasty. No one wants a steak that is tough and tasteless and that's why the best steak houses that always have lines out the door are higher priced but their meals are well worth it.

Wait Staff Is the Face of Your Restaurant

The other area that is lacking is service. If you were to have access to comment cards that many restaurants have available for their patrons to complete, you'd likely find the most common complaint is poor service. If you are going to run a successful restaurant, choose your wait staff very, very carefully. They are the face of your business and they can make or break you. Combine great food prepared with the finest quality ingredients with excellent service and you have a winning ticket.

Many new restaurants could do with some advice from famous chefs like Wales' own Llambassadors who specialise in recipes for lamb raised on lands with PGI distinction. They use only the highest quality meat and are each known for adding their own special 'twist' to recipes old and new. Together with the highest quality ingredients and a courteous and professional wait staff, you too can run a successful restaurant. The best advice ever? Don't skimp on quality in the front or back end and you just can't lose.