Ep 130: PPP, Accounting & Tax Update: Feb 2021 with Anne Gannon

publication date: Feb 18, 2021
author/source: Jaime Oikle with Anne Gannon

Anne Gannon - The Largo Group

So much having to do with PPP and stimulus efforts for restaurants has been confusing.

The Largo Group Join me as I chat with Anne Gannon, Principal at The Largo Group, which is an innovative accounting and bookkeeping company that works with a wide array of hospitality businesses, about what restaurants need to know right now.

We had a great conversation that hit on...

  • Round 2 of PPP
  • The reports that operators need to see on a regular basis
  • Importance of a cash flow plan
  • Tax credit programs
  • Technology & efficiency opportunities
  • Largo group academy
  • and much more...

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