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Think Popular

Think Popular™ is the Most-Effective Way to Get More 5-Star Reviews for Your Business!


(PLUS, now you can get maximum value from your best

reviews... easily broadcasting reviews from Google, Yelp,

OpenTable, TripAdvisor -and dozens more- to your Website

and Facebook Page, just for starters...)


What you're getting...

All your online reviews on one centralized Dashboard

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to quickly respond to reviews and improve Google rankings

Automatically request more reviews via SMS, Email, QR Code, Tap Card, Coasters, Counter Displays and more

Automatically send SMS and/or Email review reminders after 3 and/or 7 days

Get unlimited video testimonials and broadcast them on your social media

Optionally internalize negative feedback and help prevent bad reviews from going public

Consolidate reviews from dozens of review platforms

Get notified by email when you get new reviews

Find reviews with a search

Filter reviews by Rating, Type, Answer, Date

Quickly share positive reviews on Social Media

Customizable Social Media post template

Easily showcase the latest positive reviews on your website

Review Dashboard consisting of review count, growth chart, funnel (invites sent, total unique visits, QR code unique visits, new public reviews, negative feedback) and average rating growth


Why it's awesome...

87% of people choose a new local business based on reviews. When customers look up your business, we make sure it looks great with many positive and fresh reviews

Save time by automating the process of getting new reviews

Get a significant increase in revenue with potentially thousands of positive reviews

Get positive reviews by inviting customers to quickly write reviews via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, QR code, Tap Card, Coasters, Displays and more

Get up to 270% increase in website conversions when using our review display tool on your website

Protecting your business reputation with an optional system that captures dissatisfied customers while discouraging negative feedback from going public

Improve future customer experiences by discreetly responding to negative feedback Google, search engines and directories such as Yelp put strong emphasis on fresh reviews.

We help you increase trust and visibility on these platforms We help boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Ads efforts

We help you to easily share positive reviews on social media, which brings more trust in your social media posts and ads

We save you time by centralizing reviews from various platforms, enabling you to monitor and reply to all reviews in one place


Think Popular™ – Enhance Your Restaurant's Online Reputation With Automated Customer Reviews and Powerful Review Management Software

In the competitive landscape of the restaurant industry, managing your online reputation is not just beneficial; it’s essential.

Think Popular brings a pioneering solution, geared specifically towards increasing and broadcasting positive customer reviews… while also centralizing, enhancing, and interacting with customer reviews from all major websites.

In essence, we give you the tools to engage, analyze, and improve based on what your customers are saying online.

Understanding the Basics of Think Popular's Review Management Software

Think Popular serves as a bridge between businesses and their customers.

We're helping restaurants get new reviews and seamlessly consolidate, manage and respond to customer reviews from numerous platforms – including Google, Facebook, Yelp, OpenTable, TripAdvisor and more.

By automating the collection and management of reviews, businesses are saving crucial time and can focus more on enhancing their services and refining customer experiences.

Real-World Success with Think Popular

Businesses are leveraging Think Popular to quickly increase and respond to reviews, creating a noticeable jump in sales and demonstrating the direct impact of managed feedback on business growth.

Equally important has been saving relationships with customers who've recently had poor experiences while preventing their negative feedback from going public. 

Think Popular helps create internal feedback, while giving opportunities to win back customers through proactive engagement and problem resolution.

The Role and Importance of Review Management Software

Online review management software plays a crucial role in today’s digital world by acting as a critical touchpoint for customer interaction.

Restaurants can leverage Think Popular to encourage customers to share their experiences, turning each review into an opportunity to enhance their reputation. 

And by addressing negative feedback constructively, companies can demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction, turning potential detractors into loyal advocates.

The Power of Centralized Feedback Management:

Single Dashboard Accessibility: View, manage, and respond to what your patrons are saying across all platforms from one intuitive interface, streamlining your workflow and saving time.

Instant Review Alerts: Get real-time notifications for new reviews or ratings, enabling your team to respond promptly and effectively, an essential factor for maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.

Boost Your Online Visibility and SEO: Positive reviews amplify your SEO efforts, increasing your restaurant's visibility in Google and search engine results. This not only attracts new customers but also reinforces the trust of existing ones.

Enhancing Brand Trust and Credibility Through Managed Reviews

Trust is the foundation of any successful business-customer relationship. Managed reviews, especially those that showcase authentic feedback, play a vital role in building this trust.

Think Popular helps restaurants highlight positive experiences and address negative ones, reinforcing their commitment to excellence. This transparency not only enhances brand credibility but also encourages more customers to share their honest opinions, creating a virtuous cycle of trust and improvement.

Achieving Quicker Response Times to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Time is of the essence when it comes to customer feedback. The faster a restaurant can respond, the better. Think Popular’s real-time notifications ensure that restaurants are always in the loop, enabling them to address concerns and accolades swiftly. This quick response time not only boosts customer satisfaction but also demonstrates a restaurant's dedication to listening and improving based on customer feedback.

Multichannel Support for Comprehensive Coverage

In the digital age, customers are everywhere, and so should your review management efforts be. Think Popular’s multichannel support ensures that no matter where your customers are leaving feedback, you’re able to capture and respond to it. This comprehensive coverage is crucial for restaurants looking to maintain a positive online presence across all platforms.

Real-Time Notifications and Alerts

Stay ahead of the curve with Think Popular’s real-time notifications and alerts. These features ensure that you’re always informed about new reviews, allowing for timely responses that can significantly impact customer satisfaction. Quick and thoughtful engagement with reviews demonstrates a restaurant's commitment to its customers, fostering loyalty and encouraging more positive feedback.

Scalability and Ease of Deployment Across Business Sizes

No matter if you’re just starting out or running a chain of stores, Think Popular can fit your needs like a glove. It’s built to grow with you, so you don’t have to switch tools as you expand. Plus, getting it up and running is a breeze. You won’t need a team of tech wizards. This means you can start improving your online reputation quickly, no matter the size of your restaurant, making it a smart choice for growth.

Final Thoughts: Leveraging Review Management Software for Business Growth

At the heart of your business, the goal is to grow and reach more people. Online review management software like Think Popular can be a game-changer. It helps you collect customer content, such as reviews and feedback, and turn them into actionable insights. This means you use what your customers are saying to make your services or products even better.

Plus, with Think Popular, you get an all-in-one solution. This ranges from gathering reviews across the web to using feedback tools—all through a centralized dashboard. It’s designed to boost your brand awareness and support your marketing efforts in a big way.

And remember, Think Popular not only helps manage your online reputation but also helps you understand your customers better. With real-time alerts, you can respond quickly to any review, showing customers you care. This quick action can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

And by using the insights from Think Popular’s dashboard, you can make smarter decisions that drive business growth. It’s all about connecting with your customers and keeping them at the center of everything you do.