Protect Your Profits: Discovering Restaurant Scams (Ep 38)

publication date: Apr 23, 2018
author/source: Jaime Oikle with Don Potter

So many ways for your profits to disappear!

It's a big challenge to run all the aspects of a restaurant effectively, but it's critical to get it all right in a tight margin business.

Don Potter I talk with Don Potter, president of Pinnacle Hospitality Systems about his almost 30 years in the business helping restaurants uncover the little things that are stealing profits.

We dig into Don's new book Restaurateur - Protect Your Profits -- Discover Restaurant Scams and Technology Solutions and cover a variety of topics, including...

  • The warnings signs for new & existing restaurant operators that they are being scammed
  • How restaurants are losing profits and how they can protect themselves
  • How bartenders steal from your restaurant
  • How GM's and staff figure our your tolerance for losses
  • What restaurants are not doing with their POS that they should be
  • How you can pick up serious points that can go to your bottom line
  • Key characteristics of the successful restaurant operators
  • Getting labor management right to protect profits
  • Plus how to integrate new tech trends effectively into your restaurant
  • and a lot more...

Don Potter Don Potter is the President of Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, which helps restaurants from the small operator to the large chains protect their profits. Pinnacle does this by implementing the latest point-of-sale and restaurant management hardware and software aimed at stopping the "profit killers".