How to Build a Powerful Restaurant Brand

publication date: Sep 7, 2021
author/source: Roger Beaudoin with Amanda Guerassio


I believe that operators should relentlessly build their brand and run a strong business, not a restaurant.

This approach led me to dominate my competition for over two decades.

It was not about dumping buckets of money out the window on traditional advertising or experimenting with this marketing idea and that. Do this and you'll never know what really works and what's worth the spend. Instead, it was all about turning my staff and customers into brand evangelists and a marketing army for my business. But before I could do this, I needed to lay the basic brand foundation that everything else would be built upon.

In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I'm speaking with a strategic marketing and restaurant branding expert, Amanda Guerassio of Studio Guerassio.

Listen as we learn:

  • How every guest forms an immediate impression of your restaurant, and what this means to the ongoing success of your business
  • The difference between a Mission Statement and the all-important Positioning Statement
  • A cohesive strategy that combines an on-target logo with fonts, colors and images used consistently across all media
  • How a well-designed website provides guests your restaurant experience before they walk in the door
  • The two most important marketing elements are your website and your menu

This episode is a crash course in the most important way to communicate your business to your guests. Don't leave it to chance.

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Roger BeaudoinRoger Beaudoin is the owner of Restaurant Rockstars, which specializes in profit maximizing systems for restaurants. His flagship product SALES STARS is an online server training program proven to increase sales and elevate guest service. To learn more about the sales & training techniques Roger used to ring over a $1 million in just 4 months at his seasonal restaurant visit the site.

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