7 Steps to Your Restaurant's Comeback

publication date: Apr 29, 2020
author/source: Jaime Oikle with Darren Denington

Jaime & Darren

(Recorded 4/28/20)

This is our most comprehensive look yet at the steps towards comeback.

I'm joined by my good friend and long-time industry expert Darren Denington in this 60+ minute webinar where we dive deep into seven different areas that are going to be key to your restaurant's return.

Grab a notebook and clear an hour off your calendar -- you're going to want to walk through these key areas with us.

Darren's information is powerful because in addition to running Service with Style, a mystery shopping service & customer service training company, Darren consults & coaches directly with restaurants all around the country. He also is a current restaurant operator himself dealing with all the same issues & questions as you. (Don't ask me how he does it all -- he's amazing!)

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P.S. Man, it's funny how tiny we are in the corner of the video! Not planned, so thankfully Darren's slides keep things interesting!

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