2024 Hospitality Trends Report

publication date: Jan 8, 2024
author/source: af&co. and Carbonate


Look no further to find out what the key influences and trends are that will shape the food/bev, hotel and hospitality industry in the coming year.

The 16th annual 2024 Hospitality Trends Report from af&co. and Carbonate is absolutely packed and a must read for operators.

Included in this year's report are 55 trends that will shape the industry in 2024: From crackling pop rocks to house made mortadella, spicy-sweet gojuchang to unctuous uni. Chefs are cooking up a cross cultural revolution, hotels are curating cannabis travel experiences, and bartenders are making a martini out of, well, pretty much everything. The report, compiled from extensive year-long research, has become a valuable industry resource for hospitality professionals.

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Carbonate is a brand communications and creative services agency specializing in food, beverage, restaurants, hotels, and hospitality tech. Carbonate builds, reinvigorates, and grows existing brands and hospitality concepts—taking an integrated approach to brand development and marketing, with services including strategy, design, public relations, and social media. Prior to launching as an independent company, Carbonate was a division of San Francisco-based af&co., a hospitality consulting firm that specializes in restaurants and hotels. Using industry insights, strategic thinking, and creative vision, Carbonate helps clients rise to the top of a competitive marketplace.

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