Sell 13x More Side Items

publication date: Apr 17, 2024
author/source: David "Rev" Ciancio

tater tots

Wed = 13 orders of Tater Tots.

Fri = 16 orders of Tater Tots.

At my restaurant, Handcraft Burgers & Brew, on average, we sell 17 orders of Tater Tots per day.

==> On February 2nd, we sold 125 orders of tater tots!!! <==

So what happened? How did we sell 13x more Tater Tots?


While most people were waiting to see if we were getting 6 more weeks of winter, we were busy using SMS, email and social media to promote $1 tater tots (normally $4.)

We spent $0 on ads (we do advocate for digital ads, just not for this one.)

Best part -- 77 of those were from brand new customers! Which means this worked both for retention and acquisition.

Their average check size: $21.48

Our average check size = $24.72

Which means our cost of acquisition was less than $4 but each of those guests ran up a check that was on par with our average guest.

A lot of people would tell you that marketing "food holidays" or "hashtag holidays" is lazy marketing. We would tell them you are either choosing the wrong food holidays or being lazy with your marketing.

Here's a link to my FREE step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to increase the sales of any item on your menu, especially limited time offers.

Yes, the book has a silly name, but that's because I like attention getting headlines.

Is that really going to get in the way of you increasing your sales by 13x?

David Rev CiancioDavid "Rev" Ciancio is a co-owner of Handcraft Burgers & Brew and also a Brand, Customer & Technology Evangelist. Rev helps tech and software companies generate more leads, quicken the sales cycle, create memorable customer journeys, all while building fervent brand ambassadors and growing business & sales. He helps restaurants to make tech decisions and to create guest acquisition and retention marketing that works. Get more marketing tips from Rev at #revsmarketingtips