3 Ways to Maximize Your Restaurant Tech

publication date: Jul 21, 2017

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Restaurant technology is a big and rapidly growing industry. In 2017 alone, different companies and startups have raised a whopping $2.5 billion to take the restaurant business further into the digital age. There is no shortage of interesting new technologies, from waiting list management and table-top devices to smartphone payments and food waste management.

Here's a closer look at three ways to maximize your restaurant tech.

Focus on Customer Experience

The biggest and most immediate improvement the latest restaurant tech and solutions bring to the table is an improvement to the customer experience. In an economy where customers are more sensitive to user experience, this should always be a primary focus.

A table-top device, for instance, must make the whole experience of going through the menu and ordering food more pleasant. Unfortunately, the same tech, when implemented badly, can make the dining experience feel detached, cumbersome, or downright complicated.

Once you start treating the dining experience as a whole, you'll have better control over how tech is implemented and how the solutions you choose can best benefit guests.

More Automation

The presence of restaurant technologies also opens doors to more automation. Gone are the days of keeping inventory manually using a pen and paper. Today, you can keep track of your inventory automatically.

A comprehensive walk-in freezer management system, for instance, can keep track of when and where each food item is stored. Connected to the POS system, the same inventory management system can also keep track of the use of inventory.

You can even take it a step further and automate your shopping list entirely. Based on transactional data and other details (i.e. expiry date, ideal shelf life, etc.), the system can work out when to shop for each food item and maintain an efficient inventory level at all times.

Comprehensive Record-Keeping

The one side of restaurant tech that many restaurant owners still neglect is record-keeping. It is difficult to ignore the importance of good record-keeping in the restaurant business. You want to be able to retrace everything should you need to deal with unexpected situations.

Today's best restaurant technologies already come with comprehensive logging features, so all you have to do is integrate the system into your workflow. Learn how to store activity logs for an extended period of time. Develop and put in place data protection measures and an additional layer of security, including eForensics and log analysis to better protect your operations.

These are the top three ways to maximize restaurant tech and fully benefit from the available solutions. There are plenty of solutions to choose from, so you can always find a suitable one regardless of the workflow you need in your restaurant.