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Marketing & Public Relations Bundle

Price: $135.00

The Marketing & PR bundle includes six training seminar CD's at a great package price, which offers a 25% savings!

The Marketing & Public Relations Bundle includes six of our best selling seminar cd's.

You will learn how to deliver great service from the "Professor of Service" Ian Maksik. PR tips will be aplenty after listening to Joan Stewart, "The Publicity Hound" and Aaron Allen, founder of Quantified Marketing Group. You'll be Internet savvy with the "Web Must Do's" from Jaime Oikle of Restaurant Report. All design questions will be answered in the Restaurant Design session with QMG. And for restaurants looking to explode their catering business, Michael Attias from The Results Group will share countless tips and insider secrets on his restaurant catering success.

Included below is a synopsis of what is covered in each one-hour seminar.

Delivering Service Wows! -- How To Get On The Same Service Page: The "Lefts & Rights" of Service


  • The proper way to serve food and beverages
  • How to hold glassware and clear tables
  • How to respect the personal space of a guest
  • The proper positioning for salt & pepper
  • How to position chairs at the table as well as how to properly carry various tray sizes
  • Ian will also share from his library of "Service WOWS"
  • Plus, a Q&A session.

Publicity Tips for Restaurant Owners, Chefs & Foodies


  • Why you're making a mistake if you're only relying on paid ads to promote your restaurant
  • The first thing you should do when launching a publicity campaign...this will save you a lot of time that otherwise might be wasted if you don't take this important step
  • How to offset bad restaurant reviews...and the 3 things you should NEVER do if a reviewer has trashed your restaurant
  • How to determine story ideas about your restaurant or chef so you know what the media want to cover and you aren't pitching ideas they think are useless
  • How to position yourself as an expert and encourage reporters to flock to you again and again
  • When to write articles yourself and when to rely on the reporters...knowing this will show the media you know how to play the game
  • Fun things restaurant owners, chefs and foodies can do for publicity...the media love these ideas so much that you'll be increasing your chances for coverage!
  • How to create your own special day, week or month of the year, then use it as a springboard for publicity
  • Tips and tricks for garnering publicity in national magazines, major newspapers, in-flight magazines and on radio shows like those on National Public Radio

How To Double Your Restaurant's Profits With Full Service & Drop-Off Catering


  • How To Expand Your Catering Profit Center – regardless of whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. DOES NOT require you to hire guys in fancy tuxes. Most catering is simple pick up or drop off packages or box lunches. Learn how to create simple catering menus from specialties your customers already know and love you for. This works for all concepts since most catering you will do is served from large pans or party platters
  • How To Package Your Catering To Maximize Sales - Michael will show you how to create a catering menu that gets your phone to ring
  • Profit from a lead generation system he developed that gets 20% of all targeted prospects to call for an of all it cost less than 50 cents a letter to mail and involves zero cold calling (this secret alone has skyrocketed the catering sales of restaurant concepts like yours without costing a fortune)
  • How to dominate the catering market by uncovering the riches in catering niches (like pharmaceutical rep lunches)
  • How to uncover companies eager to refer you high dollar catering business

Restaurant Public Relations: From A to Z


  • The Value of Public Relations
  • Advertising vs. PR
  • The five key elements of a PR Campaign
  • How to effectively target media outlets and develop story angles
  • Tips for media relations
  • The importance of special events and how to execute them well
  • As well as several case studies

Restaurant Design & Concept Development


  • The restaurant design process, step by step
  • How to establish budgets and timelines for design projects
  • What type of contractors and sub-contractors are required
  • How to approach a restaurant remodel project
  • How to breathe new life into an older concept
  • How to design a more marketable restaurant concept
  • How to build your brand into your restaurant's design
  • Current design trends and how to stay relevant

Web Must Do's for Independent Restaurants: Making the Most of Your Internet Program


  • The basics that every restaurant should have on their web site
  • The enhanced web site elements that a restaurant should consider adding
  • How to think about and handle the building or redevelopment of your web site
  • The best ways to promote and get traffic to your web site
  • How email can help drive repeat business and customer loyalty
  • What a restaurant should do on an ongoing basis with their web site
  • The top ten mistakes that restaurants make with their web sites
  • How restaurants can effectively use their sites to sell for them 24/7
  • How to measure the success of a restaurant web program


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