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Running & Rockstars Special Package

Price: $999.00

Best offer ever! Jaime & Roger go all out with this limited availability special offer...

Jaime & Roger's latest call delivered tons of tips for restaurant operators to build sales and profits.

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On top of 40+ minutes of rock solid tips and ideas Roger & Jaime made an incredible special offer available.

Just 20 restaurants will be able to take advantage of this exclusive offer...

Don't miss out on this first-ever combo opportunity for and content along with a personal call.

It's an unbelievable package value that is only available here for a very limited time.

Here's a quick snapshot of everything that's included... (even more details below...)

Special Package

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Jaime & Roger didn't mention it in the recording, but everything they both do is always backed with a no-risk 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

So you can feel confident in grabbing one of the 20 slots that if you are not happy with the products, resources and advice that you receive you just simply need to let them know and you'll receive a no questions asked full refund.

They are that confident in the content and results!

So don't miss out...act today...


More details on what's included... Membership Access includes... members have immediate access to thousands of dollars worth of resources built exclusively for independent restaurant owners, managers & chefs.

Get full access to all the resources on the site! A huge collection of tools to grow & expand your restaurant, including...

Team1300+ how-to and feature articles with countless tips to make a difference for your restaurant today. Coverage includes...

  • Marketing & PR - get more customers
  • Operations - win the prime cost battle
  • Customer Service - deliver great service
  • People & Staffing - motivate & lead your staff
  • Internet & Tech - win with the web, social & mobile
  • & more...

2) Download Library...
Restaurant OwnerSave tons of time with a variety of downloads including Forms, Checklists, Spreadsheets, PDF Reports and more...

  • 20 Restaurant Checklists
  • 20 Job Descriptions
  • 20+ Forms & Spreadsheets
  • Up-Sell: 17 Tips for Higher Ticket Averages
  • Turn New Movers into New Money for Your Restaurant
  • Rehearsal Guides: Role Play, Body Language and more...
  • 25 Common Restaurant Business Mistakes
  • 51 PR Story Ideas & Concepts for Your Restaurant
  • Appraisal Forms for Your Staff & more...

3)Webinars, Seminars & Podcasts...
Guys at Bar Learn from industry insiders! 50+ hours of expert sessions jam packed with ideas & advice, including...

  • 25+ Ways to Run a More Profitable Restaurant
  • How to Open & Operate a Restaurant
  • How to Get Employees to Do What You Want
  • 30 Online Marketing Tips for Restaurants in 30 Minutes
  • The Sins of Bar Management
  • Leasing Tips for Restaurant Tenants
  • Getting to the Heart of Hospitality
  • 7 Must DO's to Controlling Labor Costs
  • Publicity Tips for Restaurant Owners & Chefs

4)Premium Member Resources...
High value bonus content for members. (Certain membership levels required.) Premium content such as...

  • "Rock Your Restaurant" - guide to Restaurant Finances
  • "50 Points of Profit" - covering both front & back of the house
  • "Premium Spreadsheet Package" - get food & bev costs under control
  • "Marketing Plus+" - in-depth marketing how to & examples
  • "PR Power Pack" - detailed high-level PR guides
  • "Sales Stars" - server video training course

5) Plus new content added all the time...

SALES STARS includes 24/7 Access to...

  • Online Training Modules/Videos
  • Printable Daily Pre-Shift Planner: Exercises, Contests, Incentives & Team Building
  • Printable Program Workbook for Every Staff Member 
  • Using Selling as a Strategy
  • Pre-Shift to Profits
  • How to Turn $100 into $1000
  • Final Course Quiz 
  • Printable Courses Completion Certificate

Your staff can complete the course together as a great team building exercise or complete it individually on their own with any desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Perfect for maintaining consistency with new hires.

  Once your core staff has been through the program, save your user name and password as you will use it to access the program for every new staff member you hire.  This ensures that EVERYONE is ALWAYS on the same page.  

There is no limit to the number of staff members you can train in your restaurant.  Use the program month after month, year after year!    



  • Setting up your company Organization/ Lawyers and CPAs
  • Permits & Licenses
  • Business Plan Basics
  • Leasing vs. Owning
  • Restaurant Purchase Checklist
  • New Construction Checklist
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Quickbooks and Basic Accounting System
  • POS System Checklist and Selecting a Payment Processor
  • Choosing Equipment Used/Vs. New
  • Selecting a Bank/Banker
  • Human Resources/ Hiring/ Firing/ Discipline/ Employee Manual/ Documentation/ Job Application/ Key Hiring Questions/ Raise policy (merit)/ 1099’s for outside contractors
  • Money Saving Tips checklist


  • Managing Cash Flow 
  • Product Costing System
  • Inventory Systems
  • Purchasing System
  • Labor Cost System
  • Break-Even System
  • Downloadable Spreadsheets with Audio Tutorials 
  • How to Cost Out A Profitable Menu
  • Bar Tools - picking distributors, product mix options...and more


  • Staff Training 
  • Team Building 
  • Pre-shift Planning 
  • How to Turn $100 to $1000
  • Customer Service
  • Staff Recognition & Rewards 
  • Creating Your Dream Team


  • Creating Effective "Hooks"
  • The Power of Internal Marketing 
  • Creating a Take Out Business 
  • Building a Brand
  • Building a Mug Club
  • Affinity Programs to Build Loyalty
  • Kid Friendly Options
  • Using An Email Database - Newsletter Template
  • Internal Marketing/ Guerrilla Marketing/ Strategic Partnerships
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Website 
  • Social Media
  • Sponsorships/ Promotional Accounts/ Bar Promotions
  • Live Music/ Big Events
  • Building Business on Slow Nights and Off Season 
  • Group Functions


  • Creating Multiple Profit Centers 
  • Portion Controls 
  • Reducing Waste & Spoilage
  • Menu Design 
  • Comparing and Shopping Suppliers
  • Resources 
  • Food Prep
  • Handling Comps and Voids
  • Setting and Raising Prices
  • Cash Handling Do’s & Don’ts 
  • Staff/ Bartender Theft and Abuses To Be Aware Of
  • Preventative Maintenance on Equipment


Join Roger & Jaime on the line for an individual brainstorming session about just you and your business. They'll put you on the hot seat and challenge you with thoughts and ideas to improve your business in this exclusive two-hour session.

Note: This private consultation session is not available anyway else except as part of this package!