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Catering Profits DVD for Restaurants

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Extra catering sales can easily double your bottom line profits. This video, taped at a live seminar, will help you whether you're fine dining, mom & pop or anywhere in between.

Extra catering sales can easily double your bottom line profits. Best of all, catering is the only marketing tool available to a restaurant owner that "pays you to advertise" regardless of whether you operate a white tablecloth, casual, deli, diner, ice cream, Mexican, Italian, pizza, BBQ or any other concept. Michael Attias sold $1,004,559.50 worth of drop-off, full service and box lunch catering out of a 104 seat restaurant...last year alone and this video, taped at a live $1,500 per person boot camp, will show you his secrets.

Michael has helped operators from every type of concept and will teach you:

  • How To Expand Your Catering Profit Center - regardless of whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. DOES NOT require you to hire guys in fancy tuxes. Most catering is simple pick up or drop off packages or box lunches. Learn how to create simple catering menus from specialties your customers already know and love you for. This works for all concepts since most catering you will do is served from large pans or party platters
  • How To Package Your Catering To Maximize Sales: Michael will show you how to create a catering menu that gets your phone to ring
  • Profit from a lead generation system he developed that gets 20% of all targeted prospects to call for an appointment…best of all it cost less than 50 cents a letter to mail and involves zero cold calling (this secret alone has skyrocketed the catering sales of restaurant concepts like yours without costing a fortune)
  • How to dominate the catering market by uncovering the riches in catering niches (like pharmaceutical rep lunches)
  • How to uncover companies eager to refer you high dollar catering business
  • And much, much more

Michael routinely commands $5,000 a day to teach his catering and marketing secrets in person. But by watching this video, you can learn how to start catering tomorrow or get more catering if you do currently cater.

Format: DVD

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