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Restaurant Owner's Encyclopedia of Million Dollar Success Strategies

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A virtual goldmine of restaurant marketing ideas at your fingertips that have accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales building ideas you won't find anywhere on the planet.

A virtual goldmine of restaurant marketing ideas at your fingertips that have accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales building ideas you won't find anywhere on the planet. 15 back issues of Michael Attias' Restaurant & Catering Power Marketing Letter plus 18 insightful interview transcripts where experts share out of the box ideas for restaurants. (See below to get a preview of what you'll find inside)

SPECIAL BONUS: Includes $396 worth of sales exploding FREE Gifts inside the notebook, including...


  • Secrets Of Four Walls Marketing Revealed ($99 Value Audio CD)
  • Catering Profit$: How To Increase Your Sales With Catering ($99 Value Audio CD)
  • Tips & Tricks for Getting Your Customers To Come Back With Your Own Newsletter ($99 Value Audio CD)
  • How To Turn Mover's Into New Money For Your Restaurant ($99 Value Book)

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INSIDE: Here is just a sampling of what you'll find...

  • Learn how to increase your fine dining sales by targeting golfers with this strategy (Volume I, Page 2)
  • Can a clock increase your sales by up to 8%? Only if you read what's on Page 3 of Volume X
  • Imagine parents of college students writing your restaurant a $1000 check before the semester starts and you keeping 10-20% without serving a meal. (Volume I, Page 3)
  • Volume III, Page 2 uncovers why you must treat your servers like ________ if you want to keep them happy and get the highest check average possible
  • Choosing the wrong month to hold a catering open house can cause sales to take a 60% nose dive. Volume V, Page 3 reveals the best month
  • Imagine being able to talk to hundreds of hungry diners just before they're forced to spend their hard earned money on a meal (and it has nothing to do with email marketing) Go straight to Volume III, Page 6
  • What are the three words that will increase your gift certificate sales by 97-152%. Fail to go to Volume I, Page 4 and you're guaranteed a flat January.
  • Volume II, Page 1 explains why humor in your advertising might get a laugh, but 9 out of 10 times it's a recipe for Advertising Alzheimer's. Don't believe me? Can you name the company behind the sock puppet?
  • What does a yellow fluorescent label, a piece of transparency film and a $20 investment have to do with booking $17, 673 worth of catering in 2 weeks? Become a catering McGeyver with what you'll uncover in Volume VI, Page 6
  • Imagine your average customer cheerfully paying you 5 to 10 times more than your check average to enjoy a meal at your restaurant…then bragging to their friends about. Only Volume X, Page 2 lets you know how
  • Volume V, Page 1 reveals a sink hole in your restaurant that's sucking money out of your pocket quicker than a Hoover can pick up peanut M&M's. Failing to address this money pit is like letting your bus boy dump a case of rib eyes in your dumpster daily
  • Colonial farming methods hold the secret to harvesting bushels full of new customers. And you don't have to get dirty if you go to Volume IX, Page 3
  • Nothing better than 'spoiled brats' spending Daddy's dollars in your restaurant. Volume IV, Page 4 uncovers a niche that could put $5-10k in your pockets each month
  • Is the operator showcased in Volume VI, Page 8 insane for being ecstatic about running a 54% food cost? No and you would be too if you saw how little work he had to do
  • Volume II, Page 6 shows you how to instantly catapult the introduction of a new menu item without taking out a single radio, tv or newspaper ad. If you're kitchen's not ready for the onslaught, you'll gridlock
  • Why you should never be embarrassed about raising your menu prices again. Read Volume VII, Page 3 and never worry about what your customers think again.
  • Imagine piggy-backing off the multi-million dollar ad budgets of your suppliers. Don't let this zero-cost brand building opportunity in Volume VIII, Page 5 pass you by
  • Imagine getting ALL of your direct mail letters opened. Volume II, Page 7 will show you how one of your kid's possessions will make it happen
  • One of your competitors goes out of business. Don't celebrate before you read Volume IX, Page 4. If another competitor uses this stealth technique before you have a chance, kiss an instant 4% sales surge goodbye
  • Imagine getting double or triple your check average with this neat little holiday promotion in Volume II, Page 7. Best of all someone else does half the work
  • What's your T:M ratio? Turn to Volume VIII, Page 8 to find out before you place another ad
  • Want to know where most restaurant owners drop the ball in pricing, packaging and promoting their catering? Volume X, Page 3 will show you so you can boost your catering sales by at least 17%
  • Sell out nightly of your blackboard special with the QVC trick in Volume III, Page 5
  • This judo-like marketing move in Volume VI, Page 2 will give you the power to deflect the best shots your competitors can throw at your catering prospects in a competitive bid situation. You won't even break a sweat using it
  • Get customers with iron will resistance to your most popular desserts to cry "uncle" with the merchandising trick in Volume IV, Page 8. Best of all you'll double your dessert check average
  • Volume IX, Page 5 showcases a letter that brought in $50,000 worth of business from a $100 investment
  • See how to use the lowly brown lunch sack in Volume VIII, Page 6 to build your sales
  • What's the 7 words to include in the headline for any catering sales letter or ad that will get even the hardest to crack prospect to give you a call? Only Volume VI, Page 5 holds the answer
  • Volume I, Page 7 let's out the secret to Dominoes Pizza's billion dollar success selling mediocre pizza. Imagine what you could do if you got your hand on it with your great food
  • Being a celebrity to your guests builds a big time following and long term loyalty. Volume IV, Page 2 reveals what to do if you're as dull as watching paint dry
  • Quick! How much money did your restaurant make or lose yesterday? The "cheat sheet" in Volume VI, Page 3 will allow you to make course corrections up to 42 days before your CPA can tell you what happened
  • Volume I, Page 5 let's you in on Emeril's most powerful marketing weapon that'll bring you new found profits during the slowest of times
  • What can a sixth degree black belt karate sensei with an MBA teach you about getting more catering business? Turn to Volume IV, Page 7 for a strategy that'll karate chop your competitors across their wind pipe
  • 97% of business cards are blank on the back. With ink being so cheap, why wouldn't you go to Volume V, Page 2 to uncover the 5 most moneymaking ideas to use on the back of your business cards
  • What secret does a nickels worth of child's chalk hold for building armies of raving customers? Go straight to Volume VIII, Page 2 to see it in action and watch word of mouth for your restaurant spread like wildfire in a drought dusted forrest
  • Volume II, Page 4 uncovers what Victoria's Secret can show you about building restaurant sales that won't cause your minister to blush
  • What does the direct mail piece look like in Volume IX, Page 7 that'll stop your customers and prospects dead in their tracks and get them to click to your website?
  • 1,2 or 3? How many selling messages should you try to incorporate in an ad? Violate this rule and you'll neuter 79% of your ad budget (Volume I, Page 6)
  • What single word can you use on your P.O.S. keys to virtually eliminate your staff from selling well brands again? Volume VII, Page 3 reveals the word and shows you exactly how to start selling more premium liquors
  • Go to Volume V, Page 5 and find out which free website turns your ordinary words into profit producing "patriot missiles" for your next ad
  • A secret Donald Trump uses to sell million dollar condos in South Beach that you can use to sell more meals and catering. You'll never see it on The Apprentice, but you can get the full story in Volume IV, Page 6
  • What single day of the year is an untapped goldmine of catering business in every community in America? Hint. It's not a holiday. Go to Volume VI, Page 7 and find out
  • Your city won't let you hang banners from your restaurant. You can now with what you'll see in Volume II, Page 5
  • Use the secret of rich doctors and uncover catering business your competition couldn't find with a map (Volume V, Page 6)
  • How you should never showcase your catering menu. Scoff at this rule in Volume VIII, Page 4 and you might as well forward your phones to another caterer
  • Women go out to eat in larger groups more often than men (they also spend more money). Volume IV, Page 3 reveals how to get "gangs" of women to pick your restaurant first!
  • Turn to Volume VII, Page 7 for an example of a low carb mailing piece that would cost you $1,000's to have written. Plus the "reason why" it's so successful. A perfect template for your next mailing
  • Imagine your staff using your upsell scripts 100% of the time! It's the equivalent of a behavioral "shock collar" without the physical pain. Best of all, you won't have to hide around the corner to see if they're following the script (Volume V, Page 4)