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Marketing & PR

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  3 Make-or-Break Marketing Moves That Will Turn the Tables for Your Restaurant
  Build Affinity, Loyalty and Tons of Repeat Business
  19 Restaurant Management Tips to Maximize Profit and Minimize Hassle
  5 Keys of Restaurant Signage
  5 Questions With Bad Daddy's Burger Bar - Website Redesign
  PR Trend & Tips for Restaurants
  Restaurant Marketing & Leadership Tips for Succeeding with Millennials
  Restaurant Sales Tip: Assume the Sale
  5 Tips for Selecting a Reservation System for Your Restaurant
  Timely Email Marketing Tip for Restaurants (Hey It's Summer)
  Millennials and Restaurants (Infographic)
  Create a Kick-Ass Brand Not Just a Restaurant
  When to Keep Your Mouth Shut
  Set Your Next Appointment: It's TV Time!
  Four Ways to Make the Pricing Wars Work for Your Restaurant
  Is Your Website a Loser?
  New National Data on Reservations
  Top Marketing Concerns for Restaurants
  4 Steps to Effective Postcard Marketing
  Marketing Tip: Little Billboards with Your Logo
  Top Online, Social & Mobile Tips for Restaurants
  5 Marketing Quick Tips For Restaurants
  What Types of Discounts Work Best?
  Top 5 Restaurant Tech Trends For 2015
  A Painful, But Necessary Lesson
  Marketing Tip: Attracting the Corporate Lunch Crowd
  Space Analysis and Design for Your Restaurant
  Will The "Big Game" Be Super For Your Catering Business?
  Afraid To Admit That You Don't Understand Social Media?
  How To Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!
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