When Customers Behave Badly: Ways To Respond

publication date: Jul 12, 2021
author/source: Mihir Korke


Customers' expectations of the service they will receive have increased; more than 50% of all customers say they expect higher-quality service than they did a year ago. While 4 in 5 say that companies are meeting their customer service expectations, this also means that when a customer is unhappy, you're more likely to hear about it.

Reasons Why Customers May Behave Badly

How to Help Prevent an Altercation

Ways to Handle a Conflict With a Customer

While communicating your business policies widely can help reduce the risk of customer conflict, some altercations are unavoidable. Training your staff to handle customer disagreements can help reduce any stress your employees may experience. And, training improves your chances of being able to salvage the relationship with the distressed customer.

Mihir KorkeMihir Korke is Head of Acquisition at Clover Network, a leader in small business credit card processing and POS systems. Clover specializes in restaurant, retail, and personal and professional service payment solutions. With desktop and mobile POS systems, contactless payments, solutions for curbside pickup and online ordering, loyalty and rewards, Clover has multiple solutions to meet your business's needs.


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