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Restaurant Design & Concept Development

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You'll learn about the design process; establishing budgets and timelines, how to breathe new life into an older concept; how to design a more marketable restaurant concept; as well as current design trends.

Restaurant Report hosts a one hour seminar session with Aaron Allen, Founder and President of Quantified Marketing Group along with Kelly McGinty, Director of Concept Development and Joemy Vega, Restaurant Designer.

Here is just some of what you will learn in this 60 minute session...


  • The restaurant design process, step by step
  • How to establish budgets and timelines for design projects
  • What type of contractors and sub-contractors are required
  • How to approach a restaurant remodel project
  • How to breathe new life into an older concept
  • How to design a more marketable restaurant concept
  • How to build your brand into your restaurant's design
  • Current design trends and how to stay relevant

Don't Miss This Seminar!

Whether you are in the planning stages of a new venue or an existing owner/manger contemplating a remodeling project you will not want to miss this important session.

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