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The Restaurant Operators Complete Guide to QuickBooks, 2nd Edition (E-book)

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Written exclusively for restaurant operators, in a jargon free and easy to understand style. Includes a customized "ready to use" QuickBooks company file to get you up and running immediately!

Note: Product is available as an immediate download as an Abode Acrobat PDF file

Restaurant Accounting is made easy with this publication....

A 298 page step-by-step guide to the most popular small business accounting software program. Written exclusively for restaurant operators, in a jargon free and easy to understand style. The author, John Nessel, a twenty-five year veteran of the restaurant industry and currently a restaurant consultant, is a Certified QuickBooks Advisor and has been using QuickBooks since 1994. THIS RESTAURANT QUICKBOOKS GUIDE IS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL YEARS AND EDITIONS OF QUICKBOOKS (2000 through 2008 and all Editions including Basic, Pro, Premier, Online and even the Mac Editions!).


    "The QuickBooks guide is awesome! I was familiar with a lot of the procedures but I can tell you that I will be using the Full Service Chart of Accounts and input procedures described. I knew I was doing things "wrong" but I just wasn't sure how to clear it all up and your guide has helped tremendously."
    Josh Devane, Devane's Italian Restaurant, Indio, CA

Includes a "ready to use" QuickBooks company file for restaurant operations. The files utilize the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants format along with numerous customized features, entry screens, memorized transactions and reports, all designed to get you "up and running" quickly and accurately!


    "Restaurant Resource Group provided me with priceless information and guidance, enhancing my current QuickBooks/Excel system. John's approach is streamlined and to the point, and his ability to write an accounting software guide that is down-to-earth and informative is cleverly entertaining. Yes, I said entertaining...It's obvious he has done his homework! Grazia!" David Militello, Tello's Trattoria, South Haven, MI

The guide also includes operating ratios from the Restaurant Industry Operations Report to help you analyze your Operation.


    "I am finally reading through the Restaurant Operator's Guide to QuickBooks and looking at your memorized transaction templates after purchasing the book awhile ago. It is sooooo valuable. Thanks so much for doing this. I am familiar with accounting concepts and used Peachtree for another business years ago (the old DOS version!!) but your guide is a HUGE timesaver for the setup and learning curve. I especially love your notes and cautions." Robin Saunders Ryan, The Saunders Group, Chaska, MN


    "After many years I am now buying the historic restaurant that I was raised to run. I stumbled onto your website to gain knowledge and to get up to speed using QuickBooks for the industry. I bought both the book and your operations spreadsheets, and they are awesome. So often it seems that people confuse simple facts and concepts with ego and attitude. Your information is straight to the point and easy to follow; a must for me. I just wanted to say thanks! You have made my transition back into the “restaurant world” much easier." Stephen Eipper, Clifford Lake Inn, Stanton MI


    "We had been running our business blindly till we stumbled on John Nessel´s QuickBooks guide. We operate a restaurant in Costa Rica and were sceptical that it would be able to handle the unique issues we face there. We soon realized that he understood every facet of the financial side of running a restaurant, and had a sense of humour about it as well! I never would have figured out how to make QuickBooks work for us without this book. With only a few minor adjustments that John provided, it has helped us immensely. This guide and John’s support have been invaluable." Joellen Hughes and Matt Hazelton, Blew Dog´s, Nosara, Costa Rica


    "John Nessel's guide turns QuickBooks into an ideal restaurant accounting program. It's logically organized, easy to follow and covers almost any possible contingency. This book will save you time and will keep your accounting headaches to a minimum. This has been one of the better purchases I've made!" John Agress, Tropical Treateries LLC, Estero, FL


    "I’ve tried several times to use QuickBooks for my restaurant, but could never get it setup to do what I wanted it to do. I have had QuickBooks for several years and was giving it one last try! I was looking on the Internet for information on General Ledger account numbers for restaurants because the ones in QuickBooks just don’t work, and I found YOUR site. After downloading and reading your guide I knew it was what I had been looking for. It is written so that “we” can understand, and it answers all those questions I had on using QuickBooks in the restaurant industry. I now have one less thing to turn gray over. Running a restaurant is a life style, and this guide just made our life a little easier THANK YOU!" John and Kathi Leeds, CM Tuggs Grub n Pub, Port Deposit, MD


    "I'd like to tell all you restaurant folks out there that THIS BOOK SAVED MY SANITY!!! Not to mention my business. I was so lost trying to figure out how to apply general business procedures to our industry. I looked and looked, and finally, after much frustration and angst, I came upon your website. Just hearing "Tips", "Comps", "Coupons", etc. made me start to think there was hope. The first time I opened the book I damn near cried. I wanted to call up every accountant this side of the Mississippi and scream "See? I'm not stupid, you just don't get it." So John, for writing this book, and not without some wonderful humor, I might add, I thank you. For actually answering my emails (even when they were probably impossible to understand), I thank you. For giving my husband a ray of hope that I might someday return to normal, I thank you." Maggie Leach. Denver Colorado