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How's it work?

Connecting with your customers creates raving fans and influencers. You've got customers coming into your business...let the Marketing Suite turn casual patrons into loyal customers, then raving fans and then influencers.


Marketing circle

Marketing Messages

Connect to your guests with automated marketing messages, offers and surveys.


Customize everything from splash page, data allowance, WiFi time allowance, SSID, and more.

Grow Marketing List

Grow your marketing list with Facebook data, Email addresses and mobile numbers.

Grow Social Media

Redirect your customers to social media pages, websites, or other promotional content.

Phone and register

Complete Digital Marketing Solution for Your Business

COLLECT. CONNECT. Cash in = Marketing Suite

Wi-Fi Marketing

Build or Grow your customer list with Wifi and Mobile tools.

Mobile CouponsMobile Coupon

Reach your customers wherever they are with Mobile Marketing. Mobile coupons increase repeat business and give your customers immediate value. Grow your customer base with built-in mobile sharing.


Increase Repeat Business. Choose Threshold or Value Back.

Birthday Cards

Let us send Birthday Cards to local patrons and send them to your business.

Build Your Customer List

With a customer list you can increase repeat business, build loyalty, word of mouth and referrals. Marketing Suite comes with several list building tools!

birthday Birthday Marketing

Everyone has a birthday! Birthday promotions create new business, build good will and are a very powerful marketing promotion. Marketing Suite sends birthday wishes and offers to your customers. Easily increase your customer base 4-6 times.

Customer Appreciation & Rewards

What if you could increase your profits 88%? With a customer appreciation and rewards program you can. Put our automated platform to work for your business. Send timely offers, reminders, and show a little love for their patronage and purchases and you see how fast and easy it is to boost your profits. Your customers will visit 2X more often and spend up to 4X more.

Touchpoint Marketing

Engaging your customers every month creates sales opportunities, maintains top of mind awareness and promotes your business.

Surveys & Feedback

Gain insights on how your customers feel about your service, products and business with our feedback monitor.


Restaurant Marketing to Get More Business

Join us in this webinar session where we preview a number of the tools & tactics of the Marketing Suite.

This 50+ minute session is packed with key marketing tidbits you need to boost sales.

Whether you sign up for Marketing Suite or not every restaurant operator needs to watch this!

You'll come away with a full scratch-pad of ideas to get working on...

Complete and Automated Marketing Suite

We're Your Marketing Team...Let's do this together...

Marketing Suite is for restaurants that want more repeat business, customers and cash flow. With Marketing Suite you will build your customer list effortlessly, send marketing messages that are relevant and automated, and increase your cash flow - all with one platform.

We're here for you and focused on getting you new customers, increasing repeat business and putting more money in your bank. Our team is here to provide your business with a marketing platform and know how to build your customer list, keep you connected with your customers and incentivize customers to increase their frequency of purchase.

Healthier Business

Having more reliable, predictable, and steady business makes it possible to deliver more consistent products and the best customer service. That will increase more positive reputation, likes and reviews - A Healthier Business for you.

24/7 Professional Support

Our Sales and Marketing Genies are here for you and we even manage your marketing for you. Use all that extra time to grow your business!

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